AL Marjaa Al-Akbar For the Islamic Heritage-USB


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Tafaseer Al-Qur’an- Oloum Al-Qur’an
Mutoun Al-Hadeeth- Shurouh Al-Hadeeth
Olum Al-Hadeeth- Taragem Al-Rigal
Al Fiqh Al-Hanafi- Al Fiqh Al-Maleki
Al Fiqh Al-Shafiee- Al Fiqh Al-Hanbali
Al Fiqh Al-Thahery- The Basics of Fiqh
Fiqh Al-Mukaren- Fiqh Al-Kada’a
History- The Way of Prophet Muhammad
The Arabic language- The Arabic literature
The Arabic dictionaries- The Arabic poetry


1. The ability of viewing by the number of the part or the page.
2. An automatic link to the Hadith and its explanation
3. Linking the Rijal Al-Sanad to the books of Taragem Al-Rijal
4. The ability of controlling the search results.
5. Adding special assignments by user.
6. Ability to copy the table of the results or any text to Microsoft Word program.
7. Ability to add written or voice notes
8. Ability of using any dictionary that enables you to search quickly for any word.
Advanced search capabilities:

Fast, accurate and flexible searching.
Polonium search (or, and, without).
Search within part, number and page.

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