Digital Future is a leading company in the field of educational products and tools, headquartered in Lebanon – Beirut, was created in 1986

Her work has been started under the name “groom Computer Inc.”, and has several branches in many countries of the world today,
Including: Lebanon – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – Bahrain – Qatar – Oman – Yemen – Algeria, Morocco – Tunisia – Egypt – Canada – US – China.

And belongs to the company has over 180 employees permanently and cooperates with more than 300 employees part-time or private agreements

The company cooperates with many educational institutions and companies the world and from all countries of the world and in many of these countries registered trademarks.

The company is currently working within the head of six fields:

Traditional educational books and produce a uniquely modern.
Learning Plus
Production of educational books in different ways from traditional books in an innovative and meaningful, including digital media.
Pen Learning
Production Educational Books integrated electronic pens speaking with many features.
Digital Learning
Production programs and e-learning applications for many of the computers and tablet devices and mobile devices.
The production of educational tools and laboratories to be the nucleus of a living test for students and scholars.
Games for fun
The production of intelligence and skill development games.

And all within the secondary categories classified:

Islamic materials – materials for children -moad for adolescents – Encyclopedias scientific materials – Languages ​​and Dictionaries


Our vision:

Leadership and excellence in the field of education produce products which contribute to the service of society and the progress of civilization.


The production of many of the digital style modern technological products.
Production of traditional style products that are indispensable to relate directly to the existence of the human, but in unique ways and innovative and more effective.

Our mission:

We always strive to produce modern educational products live up to the high level and be of great importance and that keep pace with the constant evolution in this world for the development and enhancement of cognitive progress.