Animal stories in Quran- 1


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Arabic cartoon work for all family members
It is the first time in Egypt and the Arabic world in general; one of the literary works is turned into a cartoon work. The main characters in these stories are the animals that have a great role in serving the prophets, and have many important experiences and miracles that are mentioned in the Qur’an such as: the crow and Cain, the bird and Ibrahim, the dog and Asshaab Al-kahf , and much more. This series deals with stories from the animals’ point of view, those animals are normal characters and away from any holiness, so you can find them make a mistake, love and hate, do bad and good things as a part of their animal nature.
Each story in this series is different from another, but the shepherd, who is the hero, is a common character in all stories. He is the character who always talks to the animals even though they don’t reply.

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