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  • All what your child needs in a single collection.
  • English/French/Arabic.
  • Pictured Dictionary VCD – DVD – CD Rom
  • Through this collection, your child will discover the secrets of letters and words, numbers, antonyms, opposites, colors, shapes and animals.
  • Many interesting stories hold knowledge and moral values that you want your child to know.
  • Along with the colored dictionary (video) that teaches the English alphabet to your child in an interesting way and supplies him with new words and instilling their meaning.

Letters and Words

Teaching the alphabet and the correct way of pronunciation, adding to the basic words for every letter and also the correct pronunciation.


Find the hidden letters and compare them with the number of shapes. Don’t let your opponent precede you and know the letters before you!!!

Antonyms and Opposites

Big, small, up, down and many other opposites.

Adding to the basic antonyms for the daily life.

Shapes and Colors

Enter to the world of colors and shapes and learn everything about them in an interesting challenging way.


Learn the names of animals and get introduced to their voices and discover where they hide before your opponent precedes you.

The English Alphabet

Give your child a chance to learn the English alphabet where Multimedia Power will be used during the presentation.

Games for Kids

  1. Live presentation of the way of playing.
  2. The latest and best games.
  3. Suits all ages.
  4. Works directly from the CD.

Exciting Stories

Cartoon stories holding useful and valuable educational themes for children.

Strange Stories

The story of The Courageous Camel, Duck Climbing the Trees, The Smart Cock, The Unlucky Bunny and many others.

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