The Business of English


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Why study English?

  • Required for promotion at many companies
  • Improve your ability to communicate with you customers abroad
  • Learn to do your job better, understanding foreign supervisors and managers

3Dvds + Book


  • Business English is typically taught to business people who need to use it in their daily
  • Some times they purposefully take such a course to help improve their performance on
    the job, other times they are required to take it and aren’t always happy about being in a
    Classroom. In some countries their performance in the English class room and successful
    Completion of a certain number of courses in a requirement for moving up the career


This set is made up of 3 DVDs with 5 Episodes each

DVD 1:

Episode 1

    • Pleased to meet you

Episode 2

    • Why Don’t You Join Us

Episode 3

    • Getting Acquainted

Episode 4

    • Any other Business

Episode 5

    • Hear Hear!

DVD 2:


    • What Are the options

Episode 7

    • A Report On Progress

Episode 8

    • Graph And Tends

Episode 9

    • A customer Survey

Episode 10

    • Wrapping It Up

DVD 3:

Episode 11

    • Can I Help You?

Episode 12

    • What’s Your Proposal?

Episode 13

    • We Might Have A Deal

Episode 14

    • A Formal Speech

Episode 15

  • Until Next Time

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